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Robert Procell, Co-founder
Mr. Procell's credentials include over 35 years of experience in food and hospitality service with a focus on event planning and catering

Glenn Tisdall, Co-founder
Along with studying at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Mr. Tisdall's 35 years in the food industry include working with the Chicago Chop House and Gordon restaurants in Chicago

John Skaggs, Executive Chef
With his 25 plus years of restaurant experience, Chef John, a Kendall College graduate, worked in the kitchens of Bistro 110 and Montecristo before joining TRI-STAR in 2000.

Deborah Sorochtey, Event Manager
Tri-Star Catering event specialist has extensive knowledge of decor, buffets, and event planning

Kathleen Mordecai, Sales/Marketing Manager

University of Denver Hospitality graduate with over 10 years diverse catering and event experience. Creative foodie and gracious host.

Gerald Henderson, Catering Manager

​Amazing!  That's almost all that needs to be said. Gerald is the perfect host, the driving energy and the master mixologist every party needs.

Tri-Star Catering

215 N. Clinton Chicago IL 60661 US

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